Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Impression

When I joined in a glass industry, one of my senior colleague was telling me about his first day experience. As you know, the forming department is always a little different, considering mostly about the working environment!
The temperature, sound of blowers, fast moving equipments , scene of falling Gobs!!!
My friend was entering into the forming area. He found the same things! He heard the same noises!
Any amount of protective equipment will not make too much difference for a new comer, because he has to stay there for a long time… to finish his duty hours atleast!
Over and above my friend saw somebody on the top feeder platforms!
A man standing in the midst of Smoke and Flames!
He asked somebody. “Who is that man?”
The answer was… ‘That is the Production Manager’
My friend was laughing when he explained this to me…
He said me about his first impression, “If this is the case of a Production Manager, imagine how I will be here!!!”

Most of the new comers to the industry, especially to Forming department will face similar type of experiences; not because of work load or something. But because of the environment they are supposed to work.
However the situation I described here happened years back…
Now the modern plants are far better! Thanks to the Technology and Safety awareness!!!

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