Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why this blog

Why a blog for container glass? Ever since I started thinking about a blog of my own, this question was in my mind.
We have enough number of Experts, consultants, service providers, glass sites and even to some extent books which include the manuals supplied by the manufacturers to enhance our knowledge, performance, skill or whatever!!!
But I never come across something like that which shares the experience of people faced during their career!
Looking back to my career which started 21 years ago, I faced a lot of challenges, lot of funny incidents, gained quite a good amount of knowledge from glass industry.
Then I started thinking again!
Why I should not start a blog of my own?
To share my knowledge...
To share my experience...
And finally to help the new comers to come out of the hardships they face during the start up of this extremely hard job. When I say Extremely Hard... it does not mean the physical or mental hard work!
It means the extremely difficult situation in the glass industry for a new comer to gain knowledge!
So let it be a small step!
Every journey starts with a small step!!!

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