Friday, December 11, 2015


safety is one of the most talked subject in any industry. And glass industry is also not an exception. There are not many but a few things that can create an unsafe situation or accident in a work place.
Mere negligence or ignorance are the contributors most of the time.
But here I would like to mention one real incident happened in a glass industry that might not have happened because of the above said reasons!
That was a night shift somewhere around 20 years back. Brightness of the falling gobs, music of IS machines and the white fumes generated by swabbing were accompanied by the whistling of some funny operators!
At some point of time, almost closer to the midnight, the incident happened...
Mr.Operator was sitting in a chair infront of the machine with half or fully closed eyes!
One gob missed the delivery!
Other operators from nearest machines raised alarm...
Mr.Operator opened his eyes ... Unbelievable...
Fallen gob on the deflector bracket becoming a fire...
Mr.Operator become panic and searched here and there...
There was a bucket full of liquid under a table. With great relief Mr.Operator tried to put off the fire with the help of the liquid.
The liquid was not water ... It was some kind of lubrication oil!
Nothing to say more... The fire ate everything!
By the time the fire fighters put their step in, the so called IS machines became skeleton.
Further investigation into the incident revealed that Mr.Operator was drunken.
What to say, it is very easy to say Safety... But very difficult to practice safety unless and until we are dedicated to it.

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